Waxed Canvas Moon Pouch

$ 36.00

Handmade by refugee women working with Austin-based non-profit Open Arms, a  Multicultural Refugee Coalition  empowering refugee women through fair-wage employment and  opportunities for refugee livelihoods through training, education and community connections.  
Our partner uses locally-sourced materials as much as possible when making their bags. The canvas fabric is waxed by hand using local beeswax and dried naturally in the sun.  And with every item purchased with us, a tree is planted  in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Waxed cotton appeared in the mid-19th century from the sailing industry in Scotland. Early mariners applied fish oils and grease to waterproof their sailcloth. The result was efficient sails when dry and lighter sails when wet. Later waxed cotton was used for military applications. Since it was strong, comfortable and had the waterproofing capability, it was used for uniforms, tents and military duffles. Waxed canvas wears like leather and will age beautifully.

 Details + Dimensions

7" x 5"
6" zipper

waxed canvas
leather straps
brass rivets


Waxed canvas is water resistant yet still breathable, and over time develops a rich character similar to leather. Most stains can be removed with cold water using a rag, sponge, brush or your hands. For stubborn stains, a mild soap (such as castille soap, dish soap, or canvas cleaner) can be used - but do not use harsh detergents, as this may degrade the waxed coating. If you find your waxed canvas shows water spots after bring in the rain or exposed to water, simply apply a little heat with a hair dryer to reset the wax and even out the tone.

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