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Udon Thani Tote

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Capture the magic of Thailand in a tote.  Handmade by artists Tobias and An in Chiang Mai Thailand, they strive to infuse the Thai culture with modern designs using vintage and antique fabrics.  Each bag is handstitched with intricate designs that represent Northern Thailand and the surrounding areas.

We are honored to support their entrepreneur efforts to preserve the art of screen printing as part of the AMERICAN NOMAD Artisan Collection.

Details + Dimensions

21" x 14"

antique hemp & cotton

zipper closure
fully lined

AMERICAN NOMAD Artisan Collection

The AMERICAN NOMAD Artisan Collection strives to support artisan entrepreneurs around the globe in our effort to preserve traditional art forms.  We were inspired to curate this collection when we began to meet individuals who weren't necessarliy working at cooperatives, but had a deep connection with the value of a handmade item.


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