Rift Valley Tableware

$ 75.00

The Leakey Collection's premier line of table top is hand-crafted from East African fallen Acacia Tortillis. This sustainably harvested hard wood, with its rich warm hues and lovely swirling grain, is distinguished from all other soft Acacia woods on the market today. Twenty-five highly skilled Maasai artisans are involved in bringing each unique piece to life by hand shaping, hand sanding, and hand rubbing with a special mixture of food-safe, luxury oils to ensure the finest quality and luster. This platter is absolutely stunning!

Details + Dimensions

platter: 18" x 8.5"
bread board: 15" x 10"
utensils: 15"

acacia wood

Meet the Maker

The Leakey Collection protects the environment while giving economic opportunity to Maasai living in Kenya’s Rift Valley. In 2001, a terrible drought persisted after several years of ruin and devastation to the pasture lands. The Maasai's livelihood disappeared as their cattle died. Philip and Katy Leakey, who live among the Maasai in the Kenyan bush, wanted to help their neighbors and provide them with work opportunities without changing their culture.  These renowned designers use natural elements of fallen wood, sustainable grass and "bush fired" porcelain to create uniquely exotic products.

How to Care for Acacia Wood

Wash in warm water with mild soap. Wipe with any food safe oil as needed to retain the vibrant luster


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