Lace Embossed Coasters | Set of 6

$ 25.00

Our partner is a nongovernmental organization in Bangladesh focused on job creation project. Established in 1977, they are involved in handicrafts as well as micro credit and fishery, agricultural projects, community health, family development, gender education and leprosy hospitals. Artisans include refugees, widows, minorities and other disadvantaged people, most of whom are illiterate. Our partner also works with minority ethnic groups in northeast Bangladesh.
With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.
Terracotta was the only known type of ceramic produced by Western and pre-Columbian people until the 14th century, when imported European fired stoneware began production. Terracotta has been used throughout history for sculpture and pottery as well as for bricks and roof shingles. In ancient times, the first clay sculptures were dried (baked) in the sun after being formed. They were later placed in the ashes of open hearths to harden, and finally kilns were used.

Details + Dimensions

3.5" square

set of 6
terra cotta

What is #peopleplanetpreservation

At AMERICAN NOMAD we pledge that each item we curate will always:

  protect our planet
  be a patron for people and
  preserve art forms and cultures

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