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Surin Vintage Oversized Tote

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Our partner is committed to preserving the traditions of the  north Thailand Hmong tribal people. Handmade by artist An Sri with the hopes of spreading the beauty of her culture, tribe and exquisite nature of Thai craftsmanship.
Handmade using using vintage cotton, hemp and batik Hmong fabrics sourced at local markets. With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

The Hmong people are an ethnic group currently native to several countries, believed to have come from the Yangtze river basin area in southern China. After the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty attempted to impose several new taxation systems and continued expansion of their empire, the Hmong are reported to have rebelled. Many wars were randomly fought, and eventually many Hmong were pushed from China into Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The history of the Hmong people is difficult to trace; they have an oral tradition, but there are no written records except where other people have encountered them. Hmong history has been passed down through legends and ritual ceremonies from one generation to another as well as through Hmong textile art or story cloths sewn by the women.

Details + Dimensions

18" x 23"

vintage cotton, hemp and batik Hmong textiles
fully lined

inner zip pocket
zipper closure

What is #peopleplanetpreservation

At AMERICAN NOMAD we pledge that each item we curate will always:

  protect our planet
  be a patron for people and 
  preserve art forms and cultures

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