Felted Plant Holder | Light Purple

$ 24.00 $ 12.00

Bring a sense of whimsical style into your home with one of the unique planters handmade by The Yarn Kitchen. Each one is felted by hand using all natural wool and dyes. Felt is the oldest textile fabric dating as far back as 6300 BC. It is created from wool or other fibers that are densely matted together. Felting predates spinning, weaving or knitting and for centuries, this non-woven fabric has been used for yurts, blankets, rugs, hats, boots and clothing. Felt has the ability to protect against cold and insulate against heat, and can absorb and hold moisture.

*please note the dimension of this item. it is a petite plant holder ideal for air plants or small succulents

Details + Dimensions

2.75" diameter/2.75" high

100% wool

Meet the Maker

The Yarn Kitchen is a small family studio located in Italy. Each member of this family of four + the grand mother playes a role, designing, marketing, modelling, shipping and mostly dreaming up their next design. They love to explore with felt around the kitchen table with wool and soapy water and imagination. Their goal is to give materials and things a second chance and show younger generations that things can have a second life, often so different from the first one. 

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