Etosha Bracelet

$ 19.00

Handmade in Namibia, our partner scours the globe, partnering with local artisans to design and produce locally-sourced, eco-friendly fashion at fair trade prices. The artists learn invaluable communication, operations, finance and marketing skills that provide a means to improve their lives and their community. 
The bracelets unique coloring is a combined result of organic sun exposure and the deep red ochre-tinted soil with upcycled water pipe. The aesthetic is comparable to bone or horn, but no animals are harmed in the process. With every item purchased with us, a tree is planted in partnership with the U.S. National Parks.
Historians have found the first signs of jewelry ever being worn in Africa, almost 75,000 years ago. When it comes to creating jewelry, Africans will use everything they have access to. For this reason, African jewelry can be made out of a wide variety of materials, from bone and shells to animal teeth and hair. Throughout history, jewelry-making has been the preserve of women, with mothers teaching their daughters how to create pieces.

Details + Dimensions

1.18" wide
7" diameter

upcycled water pipe

What is #planetpeoplepreservation?

At AMERICAN NOMAD we pledge that each item we curate will always:

  protect our planet
  be a patron for people and
  preserve art forms and cultures

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