Three years ago when I opened AMERICAN NOMAD I wanted to provide a place for people to shop where they wouldn't have to worry their retail therapy was adding to the overwhelming issues our fast-fashion consumerism have spawned. From toxic chemicals, exploited garment workers, and pollution the fast fashion and home decor industries have worked hand in hand at depleting our natural resources and harming our environment.

This year we were so excited to kick off our partnership with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for each item we sell. With support from mindful individuals, small businesses, corporations and foundations, the NFF is planting trees for generations to come. Newly planted trees enhance wildlife habitat, sequester carbon dioxide, provide future recreation opportunities and help restore watersheds.

What is truly exciting are the hundreds of brands that have started over the past decade that offer consumers a new way to shop. These ethically minded brands work to promote a new way to purchase goods that provide amazing handcrafted items you can bring into your home with a clear conscience knowing they aren't harming our planet or the people that craft each item.

This is our goal at AMERICAN NOMAD, to join forces with these brands and fulfill our #peopleplanetpreservation mission. Here are some of our favorite ethically made items that go above and beyond when it comes to protecting our planet - the place that is home for all of us!


1. Balance Candles

Handmade using recycled wine bottles and 100% natural soy wax, our Balance Candles come in the scents of your favorite wines: Pinot Noir, Palm Sangria, Cabernet and Champagne! Our partner's mission is to give back to animal rescue groups with a portion of each sale. Therefore, each and every wine bottle they recycle serves a dual purpose to protect animals and care for our planet. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


2. Handpainted Bowls

Handmade with recycled wood and paper and painted by hand using non-toxic paints, our partner works with small groups of artists in Northern India and Kashmir to craft these fair trade and sustainable bowls. In the three years of their partnership, artists have seen an increase of 25% in their income which has relieved many older children from having to work to help support their families. They are encouraged to stay in school longer, which is driving average literacy rates up. More girls are continuing their educations, strengthening female voices and status in the community. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


3. Tag Totes

Handmade from recycled fish netting that would otherwise end up littering the Cambodian waterways, our partner's mission is to end the exploitation of women in Cambodia. Through dignified work, training, and free day-care to all of the artisan's children they empower Cambodian women while utilizing eco-friendly materials. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


4. Recycled Bracelets

Handmade in Namibia using hand-carved from discarded water pipe, these bracelets unique coloring is a combined result of organic sun exposure and the deep red ochre-tinted soil of Namibia. The aesthetic is comparable to bone or horn, but no animals are harmed in the process. Our partner scours the globe, partnering with local artisans to design and produce locally-sourced, eco-friendly fashion at fair trade prices. Shop our Earth Day favorites >

5. Zulugrass Necklaces

Handmade by women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya using made from sustainable, natural grass beads. Maasai women are renowned for their beading craftsmanship creating eco-friendly jewelry. To create zulugrass, the beads unique to this necklace and group of Maasai artists, is a readily available and sustainable grass, the women harvest each blade that are then dried, cut and dyed by hand and then strung into necklaces. Over 1,400 hundred Maasai women are now making Zulugrass, while continuing to lead their lives in their traditional Maasai lifestyle.  Shop our Earth Day favorites >


6. Block Printed Lanyards

Handmade using handspun cotton and vegan leather by artisans in Rajpur, India. Rajpur is home to some of the neediest people on the planet. Many grew up begging and had no skills, education, identities, or even birthdays. They suffer from hunger, abuse, leprosy, drug addiction, and chronic illnesses. This bag provides hope, opportunity and dignity by providing employees with not only steady jobs and a good work environment, but a daily meal plan, education for their children, English and vocational training, and medical care. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


7. Zimba Key Rings

Handmade using snare wire collected during anti-poaching raids, our partner is committed to giving back to the community while supporting conservation efforts. Handmade by artists in Malawi, with each fair trade snare wire key ring sold, a $5 donation is made to help fund the essential work of anti-poaching patrols in the area. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


8. Alba Hanging Tea Lanterns

Handmade from recycled glass by our partner in India that promotes and develops the traditional skills of artisans, who have astounding skills but challenging living standards and restricted opportunities bringing their work to new markets. Recycled glass requires 30% less energy to melt when compared with raw material. Using less energy means less fuel is burnt and less emissions. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


9. Jute Wall Hangings

Jute is a biodegradable plant fiber that is often used to make rope or burlap, but can also be dyed and fashioned into a wide variety of products. This wall hanging handmade by artists at Sasha Exports in India, is dyed in shades of blue and woven to create a serene scene of a bird standing in grasses of the wetlands. Sasha Exports empowers socially and economically marginalized artisans to run their businesses independently, and to build their livelihoods. Shop our Earth Day favorites >


10. Antique Chapatti Box

Be the ultimate upcycle consumer by going vintage! These elegant handmade chapatti boxes are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. The beautiful designs are skillfully etched by hand by artists in India. Each one helps to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans who have astounding craftsman ability, but challenging living standard and restricted opportunities. Shop our Earth Day favorites >

April 22, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD