One of the aspects of my job that I truly love is meeting like-minded people that are working towards building compassion and awareness about issues they are passionate about. I love even more sharing their stories with our AMERICAN NOMAD shoppers. Last year I met the founders of LOVE & MOXiE, an accessories brand based in Savannah, GA born from the desire to live life to the fullest on their own terms, while raising Alzheimer’s awareness. Over the past year I have been inspired by their moxie for life and kind nature toward me during some pretty crazy ups and downs, always willing to offer a pep talk and a shoulder to lean on. On more than one occasion, we've even been mistaken as sisters. I'm truly inspired by their drive to live life by their rules and am so honored to share their story, and fab accessories, with you.



My mom Renee and co-creator of LOVE & MOXiE was diagnosed several years ago with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. We subsequently became roommates. Blessed, lifestyle changes (actively participating in our local senior center’s programs such as, painting, sculpting, dancing, aqua-aerobics, and Tai Chi) and medication have helped to slow the progression of the disease; however, we know there is no cure. My long hours as a criminal investigator with the federal government left me little time to spend with my mom. Determined that we wanted to make new memories - enjoying the things we love to do together like creating, traveling, and experiencing new things - we saved a bit of money, I ended my 15 year career in law enforcement, we moved, and LOVE & MOXiE was born. LOVE & MOXiE is more than a business for us - it is a new adventure and our life.

Fusing mom’s love of color and texture and my love of organization and all things sparkly, together we create handcrafted, unique items to corral life’s bits, baubles, & things. Each item is imbued with a sense of fun, quirkiness, and moxie, the qualities LOVE & MOXiE strives for.

LOVE & MOXiE hopes to inspire others living with Alzheimer’s through our story and donates $1 of every sale to CaringKind - a leading expert on Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving ( The Early Stage Center at CaringKind has been especially dear to us, providing fantastic support groups and specialized programs. They reassured my mom that there was still a lot of quality life ahead and she could live it on her own terms.

I think our company name, LOVE & MOXiE, says it all.

PS – Why Savannah, you might ask? While traveling, we fell in love with Savannah’s Southern charm & hospitality, pace, stunning beauty, rich history, and creative vibe. We thought it was a perfect place to start our new adventure - LOVE & MOXiE.


June 17, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

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