Guest Blogger, Hannah Thiesen from Life + Style + Justice, brings us her gift giving guide for all the ladies you know!  Thank you Hannah!

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time for an onslaught of gift guides! While many gift guides out there in blog-land are focused around unethically made and unfairly priced goods, I've really been enjoying reading gift guide posts featuring fair trade and ethically made items by other members of the Ethical Blogger Network and the Ethical Writers Co. Though I always encourage the giving of donations and "experiences" as gifts, I also love selecting a few beautiful or useful items that I know my family and friends will love. Gift-giving is such a joy, when it's separated from all the "icky" stuff like unbridled consumerism and exploitative labor! 

Today, for my first gift guide of the holiday season, I'm partnering with American Nomad to bring you ideas for every lady on your list- from Grandma on down to the littlest lady in your family. 

Set of Four Petal Placemats, Made in Bangladesh $20.00
Brass Fringe Necklace, Made in Kenya -$85.00
Grey Wire Bag, Made in Cambodia - $59.00

I love choosing things for my sister that she wouldn't necessarily treat herself to on her own. Whether your sister loves fashion, traveling, entertaining, or something else entirely, there are so many gorgeous gifts to choose from at American Nomad- all ethically made and supporting wonderful small businesses and cooperatives all around the world. I actually got something for my older sister from American Nomad (which arrived adorably wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string)- I'll let you in on what I picked in December! 

Braided Sari Necklace, Made in Bangladesh -$28.00
Winter Skies Scarf, Made in Egypt - $24.00
Amore Journal, Made in USA - $12.00

You can't go wrong with jewelry and scarves! Or journals-I have an American Nomad journal like the one above and love the slim design that's easy to slide into a purse or backpack. 

Black Clouds Leather Wallet, Made in India - $54.00
Basket, Made in Rwanda - $50.00
Antique Glass Candlesticks, Made In India - $14.00-$18.00

For Mom, there are plenty of classy choices- from a smooth leather wallet that will last for ages, to these beautiful candlesticks from India.

Pleated Stripe Pillow Cover, Made In India -$49.00
Blue Mum Candle, Made In USA -$44.00
Rosewood Tablet and Book Easel, Made In India $65.00

My favorite idea for Grandma is the rosewood book easel... It could be used to prop open a cookbook on the kitchen counter, balance an ipad or tablet for easier use, or even to display a family heirloom book on a shelf! 

Royal Diaper Pouch, Made In USA - $36.00
Horse Rattle, Made In Bangladesh -$21.00
Inca Bib And Bootie Set, Made in USA- $36.00

The diaper pouch and bib+booties set I chose are made by a company that employs resettled refugee women in Texas. If, like me, refugees are heavy on your heart this season, they're the perfect gifts with purpose for the baby girl in your life (and affordable, too)! 


December 04, 2015 by AMERICAN NOMAD

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