There's something about the arrival of spring that makes me want to roll up my sleeves and clean all the winter hibernation from my homes. Whether it's something small like cleaning out my junk drawer (I know you have one too!) or organizing my collection of vintage magazines, here are five of my favorite ethically made items I love for organizing.

Each one is handmade by artists working in cooperation with our partners who strive to empower each artist through dignified work, fair wages, safe working conditions and programs that will truly help to break cycles of poverty through education, healthcare, business training and community improvement.


These stylish yet incredibly practical wire bowls and baskets are hand welded and finished with a stylish wicker rim or wooden handle. Handmade in India by our partner whose mission is to help promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans who have astounding craftsman ability, but challenging living standard and restricted opportunities. The Koba Bowl is perfect for fruits and vegetables and we favor using the Ondri Basket for magazines or even in the bathroom to keep your towels organized.



I love that there's been a resurgence in the popularity of brass! There's something about this metal that beckons a sense of history and comfort and will bring instant warmth into your home. What I really love about these boxes is they have lids! Because let's face it, there are items we want to keep organized and out of site. The elegant ANTIQUE CHAPATTI BOX are reclaimed pieces made from brass with beautiful designs that are skillfully etched by hand using age old techniques. 

The perfect companion to the ANTIQUE CHAPATTI BOX is a BEME POT. Made of the same reclaimed brassed and etched by our hand in cooperation with our partner whose mission is to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans who have astounding craftsman ability, but challenging living standard and restricted opportunities. Available in both a round style and a long box!



Baskets are one of the most utilitarian items to use in our home. They are perfect to be used as a bread serving bowl, display of fresh fruit or vegetables, or hung on the wall in a well crafted collage or set. Our ethically woven baskets are handmade by craftswomen in Rwanda who use timeless traditions to weave carefully dyed raffia fibers and grass to make stunning one of a kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose. Baskets carry their own symbolism in Rwanda because friends give them to celebrate major life events such as weddings, births and graduations, baskets are proudly displayed as symbols of wealth of friends, family and life.



Part of my obsession with ceramics is my pure jealously of anyone who knows how to do this aft form. I fell in love with these dishes the minute I saw them. Handmade in the United States by ceramic expert Susan Gordon. Her small batch pottery studio creates collections of dinnerware, serving ware, decorative accents, and handmade jewelry that are organic, detailed, modern and timeless. Susan's handcrafted wares strive to help elevate the daily routines of eating, dressing, and living to more than just mundane tasks. The possibility of uses for these dishes are endless! The Watercolor Dishes are perfect to hold jewelry or hair accessories and the XOXO dish is so cute as a candy dish on your desk at work.



These paper maché trays are nothing like the art projects you did in school! They are true works of art and the perfect vessel to use for organizing around your home. In cooperation with small groups of artists in Northern India and Kashmir, our partner works to bring fair trade and sustainable jobs to families. In the three years of their partnership, artists have seen an increase of 25% in their income which has relieved many older children from having to work to help support their families. They are encouraged to stay in school longer, which is driving average literacy rates up. More girls are continuing their educations, strengthening female voices and status in the community.