Meet The Paw Tribe: Preserving Cultures and Traditions, One Paw at a Time

The Paw Tribe is an ethical pet accessories brand that partners with women and men on the continent of Africa to create bold, comfortable, and stylish accessories that speak to your pet’s personality. All of their designs are inspired, intentionally selected and produced based on their craftsmanship and history rooted in Kenyan and Ethiopian cultures. 

October 09, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Introducing Furoshiki: Contemporary Design + Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship

Furoshiki is a traditional single piece of Japanese wrapping cloth and dates back more than 1,200 years in the Japanese culture. Originally referred to as “tsutsumu," meaning wrapping, it is seen throughout Japan and implies respect to others on the gift-giving occasion while an unwrapped item is considered impolite.   continue reading >