Knit One, Empower Too! Preserving a Cultural Tradition One Sock at a Time

Our newest partner, Azerbaijani Socks, is providing employment for women in rural Azerbaijan through the traditional craft of knitting jorabs. Their vision is to provide fairly paid, flexible employment for women through a craft that has continued for generations, and to provide a cozy, handmade, unique, quality product to sell outside of Azerbaijan.

November 15, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Weaving a New Future for Cambodian Women That Empowers and Inspires

LVDS is one of the first fashion brands of French creation to promote social and environmental ethics. The craftsmanship of each piece is handmade by victims of anti-personnel mines, poliomyelitis, acid attacks, or deaf individuals. Their mission is essential in this country where disabled persons are forced to live separate and in poverty.

September 24, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Meet Our Partner Pt. 2: History of Block Printing

Let me begin by writing that I LOVE block printing and when I saw my first JOYN bag, it only fueled my curiosity.  I was first introduced to block printing when I studied wood type at graduate school in a typography class. I did a whole project on wood block type and found myself scouring antique stores and ESTY to find wood type letters

March 05, 2015 by AMERICAN NOMAD