3 Easy Ways to Make Sure You're Shopping Ethically

In our times of fast-fashion we often shop purely on looks. Billions of dollars are spent perfecting the picture perfect store layouts and window displays. As consumers, we're enticed with everything on the outside, but as an advocate for ethical shopping, I have found the key to discovering the beauty of an item almost always lies on the inside.

February 28, 2017 by Michelle Wolfarth

Our Pledge: People, Planet, Preservation

Compassion towards others was one of the driving reasons I wanted to start AMERICAN NOMAD. The more I learned about the exploitation of women and children in places such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Uganda, Rwanda, I couldn't sit idly by not doing something to try and help. It isn't just women, but persons of all races, nationalities and physical abilities are discriminated against around the world. continue reading >

February 16, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD


I am Mukta. I work in Basha’s textile department. I never had a happy family. My parents were divorced in my childhood. I was raised in my step mother’s house. Even after my marriage I did not get a happy family. My husband’s relatives did not behave well with me. My mother in-law’s house is very wealthy but they treated me as their house helper. My husband left me with three children.   continue reading >

October 19, 2016 by AMERICAN NOMAD

What's a Furoshiki? (plus, how it can up your zero-waste game)

I'd been eyeing various fabric wraps to add to my aspiring zero-waste kitchen, when I discovered the ethically made furoshikis sold by American Nomad. While most fabric wraps are meant to carry bread or veggies, the humble furoshiki goes beyond and can serve as a garment, headwear, and more!   continue reading >

October 19, 2016 by Hannah Thiesen
What's In A Name? The Story of AMERICAN NOMAD's Journey

What's In A Name? The Story of AMERICAN NOMAD's Journey

Part of our mission at AMERICAN NOMAD is to share the stories of the items we curate and the artists that create them. To kick-off our series of artist's stories, we thought we would start with our own! One of the questions I get asked the most is "How did you come up with the name AMERICAN NOMAD?"   continue reading >

August 11, 2016 by AMERICAN NOMAD


Ten years ago founders of NKUKU set out on a life-changing adventure, traveling the world and coming across talented craftspeople and their beautiful work along the way. It inspired them to do something different, so they moved to rural Devon and started working with artisans throughout the world, supporting and celebrating their skills by bringing their products to a wider audience.   continue reading >

August 03, 2016 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Introducing Furoshiki: Contemporary Design + Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship

Furoshiki is a traditional single piece of Japanese wrapping cloth and dates back more than 1,200 years in the Japanese culture. Originally referred to as “tsutsumu," meaning wrapping, it is seen throughout Japan and implies respect to others on the gift-giving occasion while an unwrapped item is considered impolite.   continue reading >

Gifts for all the Ladies on Your List with American Nomad

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time for an onslaught of gift guides! While many gift guides out there in blog-land are focused around unethically made and unfairly priced goods, I've really been enjoying reading gift guide posts featuring fair trade and ethically made items by other members of the Ethical Blogger Network and the Ethical Writers Co.
December 04, 2015 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Meet the Maker: 31BITS

Kallie had intended on working at an orphanage in Uganda to gain knowledge relevant to her degree in nutrition while helping others.  But her journey would lead her down a different path. Realizing this was not the opportunity she had expected and left with an inordinate amount of free time, she looked for ways to fill the void.
November 18, 2015 by Margie O'Connor

A New Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching fast and it will be a special time to spend with family, friends, neighbors and loved ones. There will be lots of pies to bake, presents to wrap and turkeys to roast before you sit around the dinner table to give thanks for the blessings of the year.  While Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated within the United States, it can also be a time our artisans from around globe thank you for making their dreams possible through the beautiful items they create. While it may be a tablecloth you use to set the backdrop for you tablescape ... READ MORE >

October 25, 2015 by AMERICAN NOMAD