Knit One, Empower Too! Preserving a Cultural Tradition One Sock at a Time

Our newest partner, Azerbaijani Socks, is providing employment for women in rural Azerbaijan through the traditional craft of knitting jorabs. Their vision is to provide fairly paid, flexible employment for women through a craft that has continued for generations, and to provide a cozy, handmade, unique, quality product to sell outside of Azerbaijan.

November 15, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Celebrating Strength and the Diverse Women Who Represent Fearlessness.

I began to wonder are we actually doing a disservice to our gender by continually associating female empowerment with physical characteristics? How many women may doubt their strength because when looking in the mirror they just didn't have the energy to put on makeup that day and didn't see a muscular woman in leather and carrying a sword?

October 20, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Meet The Paw Tribe: Preserving Cultures and Traditions, One Paw at a Time

The Paw Tribe is an ethical pet accessories brand that partners with women and men on the continent of Africa to create bold, comfortable, and stylish accessories that speak to your pet’s personality. All of their designs are inspired, intentionally selected and produced based on their craftsmanship and history rooted in Kenyan and Ethiopian cultures. 

October 09, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Weaving a New Future for Cambodian Women That Empowers and Inspires

LVDS is one of the first fashion brands of French creation to promote social and environmental ethics. The craftsmanship of each piece is handmade by victims of anti-personnel mines, poliomyelitis, acid attacks, or deaf individuals. Their mission is essential in this country where disabled persons are forced to live separate and in poverty.

September 24, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Live Life With a Little Moxie! How Two Ladies Started the Adventure of Their Lives

Last year I met the founders of LOVE & MOXiE, an accessories brand based in Savannah, GA born from the desire to live life to the fullest on their own terms, while raising Alzheimer’s awareness. Over the past year I have been inspired by their moxie for life and kind nature toward me during some pretty crazy ups and downs, always willing to offer a pep talk and a shoulder to lean on.

June 17, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

To Mom With Love! Ethically Made Gifts That Capture the Spirit of the Ladies We Admire.

Mother's Day is just around the corner on May 14 and you might be racking your brain to figure out what to get the amazing mother in your life that truly expresses how much they mean to you. Whether they're a pet mom, a step-mom, a bestie that's a Mom, or a person that has been like a mom, we've picked a few of our favorite ethically made gifts.

May 03, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Our Favorite Ethically Made Items To Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

These ethically minded brands work to promote a new way to purchase goods that provide amazing handcrafted items you can bring into your home with a clear conscience knowing they aren't harming our planet or the people that craft each item. We've joined forces with these brands and fulfill our #peopleplanetpreservation mission.

April 22, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD

Organizing Made Ethical: Elevate Your Spring Cleaning With Ethically Made Goods

There's something about the arrival of spring that makes me want to roll up my sleeves and clean all the winter hibernation from my homes. Whether it's something small like cleaning out my junk drawer (I know you have one too!) or organizing my collection of vintage magazines, here are five of my favorite ethically made items I love for organizing.

7 Ethically Made Items for Showcasing Your Spring Flowers

Who can resist bringing into your home the beautiful blooms that arrive with spring? They smell great and bring color and joy wherever they reside. We've gathered 7 of our favorite ethically made items we love using to showcase spring flowers. Each one is handmade in India from recycled glass on the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity.

Beautiful Baskets: 5 Ways to Use Ethically Made Baskets Around Your Home

Baskets are one of the most utilitarian items we can have in our home. Whether you're hosting a dinner or trying to tidy up your office, baskets are the perfect solution! Our baskets are ethically made by artists using traditional weaving methods and eco-friendly materials and provide fair trade employment to marginalized individuals.

March 09, 2017 by AMERICAN NOMAD